Active Intelligence, a provider of AI-enabled anomaly detection software for physical security, has entered into a strategic partnership with Convergint as an authorized reseller of the company’s ASTRA solution.   

As a global systems integration partner for Active Intelligence, Convergint will offer ASTRA internationally. 

Since its introduction in 2022, ASTRA has continued to gain industry recognition due to its unique ability to detect virtually any anomaly within a scene, in real-time, without the need for pre-configured rules, according to an announcement. This is said to make the cost-effective and proactive anomaly detection solution ideal for mainstream physical security and business intelligence applications. 

“We are extremely pleased to enter into a partnership with Convergint. It provides new and existing Convergint customers with access to ASTRA’s video anomaly detection and the impressive benefits it offers,” said Jordan Heilweil, Active Intelligence’s chief revenue officer. “Convergint’s support of ASTRA lends testimony to its proof of performance for deployment in a wide range of applications across multiple markets.” 

ASTRA is billed as delivering real-time AI-enabled anomaly detection without any bias or human judgment for security, safety, compliance and commercial/industrial applications. The solution allows for hundreds of video streams to efficiently run on modest hardware, significantly reducing the cost of implementation compared to conventional video analytics software. The application also has minimal impact on the user’s network, according to the announcement. 

ASTRA integrates with the industry’s leading video management system (VMS) platforms, including Milestone XProtect, Genetec Security Center and Qognify Ocularis, requiring minimal operator training and leveraging the existing VMS GUI.