In 2020, all the larger conferences and gatherings moved from being in-person to being held in online formats, such as the webinar. The physical security industry, along with many others, recognized the value of the virtual platform immediately. That year, the number of webinars grew by 154 percent.

But where do we stand in almost 2024? In case you are wondering if webinars are still relevant, Zoom predicts that by 2025, the number of webinars will be tenfold its pre-pandemic level.

Initially, webinars were embraced out of necessity, allowing security dealers, integrators, and manufacturers to maintain connections and disseminate crucial information during a time of restricted physical interaction. However, what began as a solution has transformed into an invaluable asset that efficiently generates leads, nurtures relationships, and drives revenue in the physical security industry.

If you have not yet embraced them for your security company, it is probably time to consider it. We get it. There’s something about talking on camera that can be intimidating, and incredibly awkward. It takes practice. But do not let the threat of minor imperfections keep you from the opportunity that webinars represent: 

  • Over 86 percent of businesses reported an increase in lead generation after incorporating webinars into their marketing strategy.
  • On average, webinars have a conversion rate of 32 percent, significantly higher than other forms of content marketing.
  • Businesses that incorporate interactive elements into their webinars experience increased engagement by up to 63 percent.

The 3 Top Benefits of Webinars

  1. Lead generation and brand awareness. Webinars are an effective tool for generating leads. They allow for direct engagement with potential clients, enabling the showcase of products, services, and expertise. By providing valuable insights and solutions, webinars not only attract new leads but also contribute to brand awareness, positioning companies as thought leaders in the industry.
  2. Education and relationship building. The interactive nature of webinars allows for in-depth education on various security solutions and fosters a sense of community. They serve as platforms for interaction, building trust, and establishing strong relationships with both existing and potential clients.
  3. Cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. Compared to traditional physical events, webinars offer cost-effective solutions that save both time and resources. They eliminate the need for travel and venue expenses, making them an efficient way to reach a wide audience at minimal cost.

Get the Most Out Of Your Webinar Efforts

Don’t expect to give the perfect webinar. Aim to provide value, create impact and make adjustments to your delivery along the way. Maximizing the impact of webinars involves careful monitoring and analysis. Here are five key steps to measure their effectiveness.

  1. Use pre-webinar metrics for a baseline. Compare registration numbers, audience engagement, and demographics from previous webinars to establish a baseline for performance measurement.
  2. Use next-generation webinar software to track live data. Leverage modern webinar platforms equipped with advanced tracking features to monitor real-time engagement metrics such as attendee participation, duration of attendance, questions asked, and more.
  3. Measure revenue and leads. Track the conversion rate of leads generated from webinars. Measure the revenue directly attributed to these leads and assess their impact on the sales pipeline.
  4. Pay attention to Q&A participation. Active participation in Q&A sessions indicates engagement and interest. Analyze the type and number of questions asked to gauge audience interest in the topic.
  5. Ask for feedback. Post-webinar surveys or feedback forms can provide invaluable insights. Understand attendee satisfaction, areas for improvement, and potential topics of interest for future webinars.

Webinars have evolved into an integral part of marketing strategies in the physical security industry. As the industry continues to adapt to a more digitized landscape, webinars offer a powerful means of engagement, lead generation, and brand building. By effectively measuring their impact, security industry businesses can tailor their strategies for optimal results, ensuring that these interactive sessions remain a cornerstone of successful marketing endeavors.

Embrace the potential of webinars, and unlock a world of opportunity. And don’t forget to send us an invite!