Fiore AyalaLast summer, The Monitoring Center (TMA) awarded Fiore Ayala, director of operations at Rapid Response Monitoring, with it’s 2023 Monitoring Center Manager of the Year honor. Ayala assumed his duties as director of operations during a period of intense expansion within the company.

Trained at the company’s headquarters in Syracuse, NY, he then helped establish Rapid Response’s redundant center in Corona, Calif. Ayala also assisted in establishing the company’s third facility in Henderson, NV. Even after all of this expansion, when asked what’s on his mind in the near future, Ayala commented, “Growth.”

SDM spoke with Ayala about his entry into the industry and what led to his current role. Additionally, he spoke about his management style, how he keeps employees happy, how he maintains a good relationship with first responders and police, and what makes — in his opinion — him the 2023 Manager of the Year.