The ViewSEC camera series, comprising outdoor bullet cameras, outdoor dome cameras and indoor Wi-Fi cameras, offers long-range Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity, ultra-low power battery life, state-of-the-art edge AI capabilities, IP66 weatherproofing, superior video quality and enhanced streaming stability. Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology enables ViewSEC’s cameras to provide extended range and coverage and maintain stable, high-quality video streaming, even in remote environments prone to interference. The cameras are designed with ultra-low power for extended battery life and deliver robust, reliable and uninterrupted video streaming, essential for critical security applications. The integration of Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow system-on-chip devices ensures that the cameras can transmit high-definition video over greater distances than traditional Wi-Fi, making them ideal for expansive residential and commercial properties and remote locations. Outdoor bullet cameras are outfitted with smart edge AI, durable IP66 weatherproofing and high-definition video clarity. Outdoor dome cameras combine aesthetic appeal with robust edge AI and IP66 protection. Finally, indoor Wi-Fi cameras provide superior edge AI capabilities, excellent video quality and broad indoor coverage, amplified by Morse Micro’s advanced Wi-Fi HaLow technology.

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