About Us

Ghana Heart Foundation

GHF is a charity organization in Ghana that saves lives and improves health through informing the public on diseases of the heart and circulation and assisting people with cardiovascular disease as well as funding cardiovascular research and training health workers involved in cardiovascular care.


In anticipation of the establishment of the Cardiothoracic Centre that paved the way for Ghanaians to access health care in that facility and also that Ghanaians needed to be informed generally about heart and related diseases and also help the poor, needy and indigent in the Ghanaian society to afford the cost of heart surgery it became necessary to set up an organization that would address these issues.


These considerations informed Prof. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng to found the Ghana Heart Foundation in 1989 with the following objectives:

  1. Advancement of knowledge of the heart and circulation for the benefit of the Ghanaian public, The objectives shall be pursued through-
  • Meetings for communication and discussions
  • Lectures
  1. Support of further training of medical, paramedical and other personnel engaged in the care of individuals with diseases of the heart and circulation.
  2. Support, promotion and coordination of activities of individuals, institutions and organizations engaged in research into diseases of the heart and circulation.
  3. Provide advice to governmental and other institutions in matters concerning the diseases of the heart and circulation thereby  encouraging government to establish policies that minimize the risk of developing heart and circulatory disease
  4. Public education on diseases of the heart and circulation through mass media and publications.
  5. Training of ordinary citizens (non-health workers) in first aid measures, especially Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  6. Providing guidelines for health professionals in the management of cardiovascular disorders.
  7. Collaboration with heart foundations abroad.


Later on in 1998, the Executive Council of the Ghana Heart foundation set up a Trust Fund and appointed a Board of Trustees to manage the Fund.


Over the years the Ghana Heart Foundation has been very successful to the extent that every Ghanaian patient undergoing heart surgery receives 50% subsidy from the Trust Fund. In the year 2010 the Ghana Heart Foundation spend about US$300,000.00 (three hundred thousand US dollars to assist needy patients undergo surgery).