Advancement of knowledge of the heart and circulation for the benefit of the Ghanaian public

Giving succor, in some measure, to the National Cardiothoracic Centre,

Supporting the needy individual in our community undergoing the management of heart and related diseases

Support, promotion and coordination of activities of individuals, institutions and organizations engaged in research into diseases of the heart and circulation

Provide advice to governmental and other institutions in matters concerning the diseases of the heart and circulation thereby  encouraging government to establish policies that minimize the risk of developing heart and circulatory disease,

Support of further training of medical, paramedical and other personnel engaged in the care of individuals with diseases of the heart and circulation,

Training of ordinary citizens (non-health workers) in first aid measures, especially Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Providing guidelines for health professionals in the management of cardiovascular disorders.

Health education, especially in the area of healthy eating and lifestyle changes